How to check your jio mobile number data balance with ussd codes

How to check your Jio mobile number, data balance with USSD codes

Posted by: ravi   on - 22 Jul 2021

Some times we forget our mobile number in case of new sim or not using for long time . So in on case you have forgotten your Jio number or do not know your Jio number, to get your Jio number  just follow the step to get or check your jio number

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How to check Jio number using USSD code

Jio provide a USSD numbers codes to know details of your Jio mobile number. USSD codes are use to check all the information about different services provided by Jio. Every unique USSD code indicated its own information so we must have to know which USSD code to be call to get know about Jio number. To avail the service, you need to know the code to send to the Jio and get information about your mobile plan, phone number, Jio data balance etc.

To know your Jio mobile number, follow the below-mentioned steps 

Send message to know your Jio number

1. Open your mobile phone and go to Message.

2. Type ‘Jio’ and send message to 199 (if you have two sim then must select the jio sim for which you have to know your mobile number). 

3. You will receive a message on your phone’s screen showing your jio mobile number. 

Check Jio data balance with USSD code

You can dial *333# to 199 to know your jio data balance

Once you dial the USSD code, you will receive a message on your jio number which include you data balance and validity of your jio mobile number .


You can easily find your jio mobile number including balance, validity, data usage, and more on My jio app. Follow the steps to know and check your jio phone number using the jio app. First, you have to download the MyJio app from the Google play store and Apple app store. 


Follow the steps to f ind your Jio Number

Download and install MyJio App

Open MyJio App & click on 'Sign in with SIM'

Now you can see your Jio Number on dashboard of the MyJio App

Note: Ensure your data is active on Jio SIM in your mobile to be able to 'Sign in with SIM'.

The My jio application shows all important information related to your mobile number including data balance, validity, data usage, and more. You can also recharge your phone, pay bills, change your data plan, etc. all via the my jio app. 

How to check jio number through customer care

You can also get your jio number by calling customer care dial  198 from your jio sim. It will direct connect you to the jio customer care and the first step is to choose the language. after connect to customer care you can ask any information about your mobile plan, phone number, jio data balance etc.

Useful USSD Codes for jio sim

  • Find your Jio Mobile number - Dial *1#
  • Know your Jio data balance & Mobile number = Dial *333#
  • Check Jio data usage - SMS MBAL to 55333 or use My Jio App on you mobile
  • Find your Jio number of JioFi device - send SMS by type "JIO" to 199
  • Know your current tariff plan - Send sms by type "MY PLAN" to 199

How to activate JioTunes Using MyJio App

  • Download and install MyJio app from Play store or App store on your smartphone 
  • Open MyJio app and select ‘JioTunes’ from the top of app 
  • Listen to preview and select ‘Set as JioTune’ 
  • Get confirmation screen and SMS on activation

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