Participate in google assistant and Win Google Home Mini at Just Rs.499

Posted by: ravi   on - 11 Feb 2021
Participate in google assistant and Win Google Home Mini at Just Rs.499

Play Google assistant home mini game and win google home mini at just Rs.499

Complete tasks on Google Assistant and you could win a Google Home Mini (Gen 1) smart speaker when you pay the discounted price of ₹499/-. Valued at ₹4,999.


Step to play google home mini game

  1. On your phone, say “Hey Google, Play the Google Home Mini Game
    • Your Assistant language needs to be set to English (India), English (United States), English (United Kingdom) or Hindi (India) to access the game.
  2. Once you enter the contest, you’ll find a list of tasks to complete.
  3. Google will show you the details about the game with some super easy tasks.
    These tasks are:
    – “Hey Google, Say Weather About Tomorrow“
    – “Hey Google, Set An Alarm”
    – “Hey Google, Take Selfie”
    – “Hey Google, Play Youtube video”
  4. For every task, identify the command to complete the task, then say that command to Google Assistant. For example, “Hey Google, set an alarm.”
  5. At the end of every successful query (Google Assistant returns the desired result), the associated task will be counted as complete.
  6. To check your game status, say “Hey Google, play the Google Home Mini Game.” Completed tasks will display a checkmark ‘✔’ .
  7. Once you’ve completed all the tasks, say “Hey Google, play the Google Home Mini Game” to find out if you are the lucky winner.

Google Home Mini Game – 100% Working Trick

  1. First Of All Open Google Home Mini Game
  2. Complete All Tasks From That @ 11.55 PM
  3. Once Done Wait Till 11:59:53 To Ask Assistant “Play Google Home Mini Game”.
  4. You will win then.

Trick 2 –

  1. Complete 3 Tasks On 11.55 PM
  2. Wait Till 11.59.50 & Complete The Last Task @ This Time
  3. Timer Will Be 12.00 & You Will Receive Coupo

How to redeem If you win

If you win, you’ll be given a Flipkart voucher along with a Redeem option. Click Redeem to validate your voucher. When you validate your voucher you agree to pay ₹499/- to get your Google Home Mini (Gen 1).

The voucher needs to be redeemed before the coupon expiry date.

In order to redeem the voucher, you must be signed in to your Flipkart account.


If you don’t win

If you don’t win, you can again enter the contest the next day (after 12 am local time)

You can enter the contest daily until either you win or the contest is over.

Who can enter the contest?

The contest is open to all Indian citizens who are over 18 years old and have a valid Google account that is more than 30 days old before the start date of the contest. You can enter the game using only one valid Google account.

The game is only available for Android devices using Google app version 10.90.16 and above. You can check your app version on Google Play Store or App Store and update.

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