List of Shortcut Keys in MS Excel

Posted by: shivam   on - 17 Mar 2018

 Shorcut Keys of MS Excel

 CTRL + N                            -       Create a New Workbook
 CTRL + O                            -       Open an existing workbook.
 CTRL + PAGEDOWN           -       Move one screen down in a workbook 
 CTRL + PAGE UP                -       Move to the previous sheet in a workbook.
 CTRL + ARROW KEY          -       Move One Cell up , right ,down ,left in a worksheet
 CTRL + HOME                     -       Move to the beginning of a worksheet.
 CTRL + SPACEBAR             -       Select an entire column in a worksheet.
 CTRL + A                             -       Select an Entire Worksheet.
 CTRL + ;                              -       To Enter the Current Date.
 CTRL + :                              -        To Enter the Current Time.
 CTRL + SHIFT + HOME       -       Extend the selection of cells to the beginning of the worksheet.
 CTRL + SHIFT + END          -       Select all text in the formula bar from the cursor position end.
 CTRL + SHIFT + $               -       To Apply the Currency format with two decimal places.
 CTRL + SHIFT + %              -        To Apply the Percentage format with no decimal places.
 CTRL + 9                             -        To Hide the selected Rows.
 CTRL + 0                             -         To Hide the Selected Columns.
 CTRL + F11                         -        To Open New Worksheet.
 CTRL + F                             -        Display the "Find" dialog box.
 SHIFT + CTRL + PAGEDOWN    -     Select the current cell in the next sheet.
 SHIFT + CTRL + PAGEUP          -     Select the current cell in the Previous sheet.
 SHIFT + SPACEBAR                   -     Select an entire row in a worksheet.
 SHIFT + ARROW KEY                -     Extend the selection of cells by one cell.
 SHIFT + HOME                           -     Select To Start Of Line   
 ALT +  PAGEDOWN                    -    Move one screen to the right in a worksheet.
 ALT +  PAGEUP                          -    Move one screen to the left in a worksheet.
 ALT + ENTER                             -     In cell editing mode, enter a new line into a cell.
 ALT + N                                      -    Go to Insert tab
 ALT + P                                       -   Go to Page Layout tab
 ALT + H                                      -    Open the Home tab and format text and numbers and use the Find tool.
 ALT + F                                      -    Open the File page and use Backstage view.
 ESC                                           -     Exit the floating shape navigation and return to the normal navigation.
 SHIFT +F2                                  -   Add or edit a cell comment.
 F9                                               -   Calculate all worksheets in all open workbooks.

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