Is it actually possible to retrieve deleted files from an SD flashcard

Posted by: OpenWave2   on - 20 Jul 2021
Yes, it is 100% possible to recover deleted files on the sd card only if the data in your card is not overwritten by any other data. SO to avoid any overwriting issue, immediately stop using that SD card and kept it on the safe place until you’re done with the recovery process.

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OpenWave2 : Extract files from sparse .vmdk?
I recreated my storage raid with bigger HDD and
extract files from vmdk. From my main Windows VM (storage raid) unfortunately I only copied the 1KB files VM.vmdk and VM.000001.vmdk and the VM.sesparse.vmdk what is only 650GB. I didn’t notice that I don’t get the main flat.vmdk.

Zena : Thank you for sharing!
samuelddarden : Yes, it was possible, many software can be used un retrieving files and I already done twice... You need yo be sure  that your sd card is not broken...  Before anything else check out this game, It was very interesting  game.


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