How to Easily Print Your Instagram Photos

Posted by: wootenhuber361   on - 25 Nov 2020

It looks really cool when you print your Insta images in your living room or bedroom. It also has become a trend to print IG photos. Insta is like saving your memories and when you want a hard form of your memories, you can simply publish your Insta photographs. Now the problem is, to print the Insta pictures you have to download them on your phone. Am I right? No worries, I am here to help you out. Let's have a look!

How To Save Instagram Photos In A Phone?

The obvious thing that comes to your mind is taking a screenshot. But screenshots will compromise picture quality so it's better not to take a screenshot. Instead, you can use Web tools like Insta photo saver or third party apps. Simply, download your IG images within a few seconds.

Insta have another option that you can opt for saving a photo in the future. You have to change the settings of your IG account.

  • Simply, navigate to your Insta account
  • Then open the settings panel and hit the Account option.
  • There you'll see an option of Original posts, Hit that.
  • Mark that option to On.
  • Also on the save photo posted option.

Now your all Insta photos will be kept on your cellphone automatically when you post there.

How To Print Your Insta Photos?

After getting the photo in your gallery, you have to print that. So bring a printer that can be easily connected with your phone's Google cloud print. Moreover, you can convert your photographs to the laptop and then connect any printer with that to get a print.

Here are also some wire-free printers like the Canon Selphy that can sync to your Insta and you will get a choice to publish images from your printer's touch screen.

Another important thing to keep in mind is, keep your photographs a small template of 5x5. It looks good on your wall being an Insta Image. You can also print Insta images datewise or event wise so that it will look adorable.

So, these are some suggestions and method to print your Insta picture, Hope this information will be helpful for you. You can also share your further queries in the comment section below.

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