Electrical Engineering Online Degree Programs

Posted by: otisons   on - 30 Jun 2021
A number of quality engineering online programs are available for both graduate and undergraduate students. This article reviews some of the top choices.

Only the best engineering schools in the United States receive accreditation for their undergraduate programs from ABET, Inc. While hundreds of quality engineering schools have received ABET accreditation for their undergraduate programs, only a handful of those offer engineering online programs at the graduate and/or undergraduate level.

I will write my paper about some of the top schools which offer electrical engineering masters online degrees and ABET-accredited bachelor's degrees.

University of Florida – Electrical Engineering Online Degree

The University of Florida offers a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, and delivers its online courses via the UF Edge platform. On-campus lectures from UF faculty are digitally recorded in the classroom and streamed online for distance learners to view at a time most convenient for them. This asynchronous structure provides online students with a very flexible learning schedule.

The engineering masters online program also provides access via the online system to library and research resources, as well as discussion forums and course resources.

It is estimated that this masters degree can be completed in approximately two years, though it may take longer for those students who must take lighter loads.

For additional information about online learning at the University of Florida, prospective students can call (352) 392-9670.

University of Minnesota – Electrical Engineering Online Degree

The University of Minnesota offers a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering; it's engineering school, ranked in 2009 by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top 25 schools in the United States, offers engineering masters online courses through UNITE Distributed Learning.

This platform offers students both synchronous and asynchronous course options. Synchronous courses are digitally recorded and streamed live to students online, while asynchronous courses are recorded digitally and placed online as podcasts for students to access at their convenience. In both instances, the recorded courses are lectures delivered by UM faculty to on-campus students.

UM does not differentiate between on-campus degrees and distance learning degrees (either on diplomas or official degree records), making a distance learning degree just as professionally valuable as a traditional one.

For more information about admissions requirements and tuition, contact the University of Minnesota at (612) 624-8504 .

University of North Dakota – Electrical Engineering Online Degree

UND offers an ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering among its other undergraduate engineering online programs. UND offers an asynchronous course schedule, giving students the flexibility to attend classes whenever it is most convenient for them. The online classes at UND are recorded on-campus lectures, delivered by UND faculty, which are posted onto the online learning platform.

Interested students should know that UND requires that online engineering students travel to Grand Forks, North Dakota each summer for an (approximately) week-long lab session. This interactive, personal component provides professors and students the opportunity to meet and work together. Since it is mandatory, those students unable to travel each summer to North Dakota are encouraged to consider another program.

For more information on admissions requirements and tuition, contact UND at 1-800-342-8230.

Benefits of Electrical Engineering Online Degree

For professional engineers and nontraditional students unable to attend a campus-based program, engineering online programs offer students the ability to earn a degree at home while maintaining their already busy schedules.

Degrees earned from the universities mentioned in this article are just as professionally valuable as those earned by on-campus students, as online students learn from the same professors (and often view the same lectures on-campus learners experience).

For more information on the programs detailed in this article, reference Writemypaperbro.com's guide to engineering online programs, which is where the information for this article was gleaned.

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