Get FASTag for free and free home delivery

Get FASTag for free and free home delivery

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FASTag for free and free home deilivery

Get Your FASTag For Free online | NO RC Or Paperwork Required buy fastag for your vehicle for free and get Rs.100 in your account | Free Home Delivery

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How To Get FASTag For Free Using AckoDrive Free Fastag Offer? :

1. First of All Open AckoDrive Free Fastag Offer Page From Here. : Click here

2. Enter your Vehicle Number and Tap on Get FASTag Button.


3. Enter your Name, Email Address and Mobile Number and Address on Next Step.


4. Select your any Identity Proof and Enter Number and Go Ahead.

5. On next step, It will give you automated generated Car Details on the basis of the Card Number which you have entered Before. Confirm that.


6. Go to Final Page and There Must be Minimum of Rs.100 Needed in your FASTag so You need to Complete Rs.100 Payment. Don’t Worry This ₹100 Will Be Added In Your Fastag Wallet.


What is FASTag and how does it work?


National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has directed all tollways to collect electronic payments through the FASTag programme.

FASTag is a tech-enabled sticker, like a QR Code, that you can stick on your car's windshield. Your FASTag ID is linked with your wallet / prepaid account that you can keep recharging. All the tollways in India will now use FASTags to collect toll payments.

With FASTag installed you don't have to wait in long lines at toll plazas or worry about exact change, as the toll payment will be automatically deducted from your wallet after they scan your FASTag.

What happens if I don't have a FASTag card for my car?


There are going to be penalties for not having an active FASTag on your car. You may have to pay twice the toll payment amount in penalties.

Also, most toll plazas are keeping a single lane for defaulters who don't have an active FASTag, which could mean waiting in long queues to cross them.

FASTags are mandatory for four-wheelers from February 15, 2021.


What is the validity of a FASTag card?


FASTag has a 5-year validity from the date of purchase. But you need to keep recharging the FASTag wallet based on your usage to drive through the Tolls.

Steps to Get the Deal
  • Click Buy Button
  • You will be Redirected to Fastag from Drillthedeal
  • Make payment